PRSO’s fouth subscription concert

Guillermo Figueroa with his sister,
            Ivonne, and Kathy The PRSO’s fourth subscription concert was a wild success under the baton of our Principal Guest Conductor, Guillermo Figueroa, with his sister, Ivonne, as soloist in the Third Piano Concerto by Saint-Saens.
Roberto Sierra’s lively Third Symphony (La Salsa) opened the program, which concluded with Tchaikovsky’s passionate Francesca da Rimini. It was wonderful working with the two of them—Guillermo was the PRSO’s music director for six years, taking the orchestra to Carnegie Hall, Kennedy Center and to Spain.
Ivonne was the pianist when I played in Carnegie Recital Hall in 1977 (see Scrapbook.)
Here we are back stage at our Sala Sinfónica on Nov. 13, 2010. [right]

Kathy with Karen Gomyo Here I am with Karen Gomyo, who had just finished a fabulous Prokofiev’s Second Violin Concerto on opening night of our subscription season, September 11, 2010. Sala Sinfonica, backstage. [left]

Kathy with the trumpet section And here I am on October 24, 2010, in front of the rocking trumpet section, in our second concert with salsa legends Richie Ray and Bobby Cruz. From left, Rafi Parilla, Luis Bermudez, and invited guest, Julito Alvarado. The Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra—we do it all!
Photo by John Marquez, our librarian, from the balcony of Sala Sinfonica.[right]

Performances at ClarinetFests

If anyone reading this doesn’t know about the International Clarinet Association, which is a tremendously positive organization for clarinetists, I recommend they visit The ICA’s two biggest contributions are The Clarinet, a quarterly publication edited by Jim Gillespie, and the annual international conference, ClarinetFest. The ClarinetFests are held in a different city every year—2010 was in Austin, Texas; 2011 is to be held at Cal State Northridge, and 2012 will be in Lincoln, Nebraska.

I have been pleased to perform at seven ClarinetFests, presenting some world premieres and many works from Puerto Rico. The following is a list of my participation to-date in concerts at the Fests (the * denotes a world premiere):

Some of these works are now recorded on my CD Caribe Clarinete (see Recordings) and all of the music can be obtained through Luyben Music by visiting

In addition, I also attended the ClarinetFests in Washington, DC 2004; Salt Lake City 2003; Paris 1996; Cincinnati 1992; Paris 1981; Toronto 1978; and Denver in 1976 and 1980. The Fests are inspirational and fun—not to be missed if possible!

The Kansas City Fest was especially nice because it was held near Luyben Music, which has been a treasure trove for ordering clarinet music since Annette’s parents, Annette and Bob, established the store decades ago. We wanted to give Annette a little surprise, so the day before the Fest began, our Puerto Rico contingent appeared at the store and gave a serenade—three movements from Paul Harvey’s Puerto Rican Suite, two of which were captured by Luyben’s in-house trombonist, Rich Coble. Listen here to some of Preciosa and El Cumbanchero, as offered to our dear friends in Luyben Music.
Performers are: Dawn Lindblade on E-flat, myself on 1st; Emmanuel Diaz (Pochi,) on 2nd , Cristina Rodriguez on 3rd, Noel Marcano on alto, and Luis (Tripi) Flores on bass.


El Cumbanchero

Kathy and 'el gato' Kathy and "el gato," finishing up the Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra season with a performance of Pedro y el Lobo (Peter and the Wolf,) June 12, 2010, at the Centro de Bellas Artes in Santurce, PR, Sala de Festivales;puppets provided by Kathy with the members of the 
            Pacifica Quartet Titeres Cibuco, affiliated with the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture. [left]

Kathy with the members of the Pacifica Quartet, March 7, 2010, after a performance of Luis Enrique Julia's Quintet for Clarinet and Strings in the Casals Festival. [right]

Three Kings Day concert 2010 Roselin Pabon, Associate Conductor of the Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra, in the finale of the Three Kings Day concert, January 5, 2010, with the young soloists, including violinist Paola Vazquez (in the blue dress.) Kathy and Ivonne Figueroa
Kathy is back there in the clarinet section. [left]

Kathly and Puerto Rican pianist extraordinaire Ivonne Figueroa, taking a bow at the conclusion of our recital in Carnegie Recital Hall, February 7, 1977 [right]

Kathy and Paul Creston Composer Paul Creston and his wife attended my recital at Central Washington University in Ellensburg, WA in August of 1975, accompanied by Professor Bonnie Bricker-Smith, pianist, at far right. [left] Kathy and Leon Russianoff

Here I am with my ebullient teacher Leon Russianoff, just after finishing my recital in College Parlor, Barnard Hall at Columbia University, January 23, 1975. Leon was so enthusiastic with us--he used to say "I've got the greatest students in the world!" [right]

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