Updates 2014

December 2014:

PRSO: Dec. 13th Eli Eban, soloist in Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto, with Mahler’s 4th Symphony, conducted by Maximiano Valdes. This was Eli’s first visit and he has been welcomed yearly since then. A great clarinetist, musician, and gentleman.

CMPR: Dec. 5th Cathy and Bill Hudgins visit Puerto Rico on vacation and offer the clarinet students a rare treat of a master class on orchestral excerpts for two clarinets.
Anthony, Pochi, Veronica, Jonathan, Bill, Cathy, me, Janice, Victor, and Juan, all smiling after a super class in room 210H.

Cathy and Bill Hudgins master class

November 2014:

CMPR: Nov. 16th—The United States Coast Guard Band, with our graduate Noel Marcano as soloist, performs at the Conservatory. We are proud of you, Noel!!!

Noel Marcano and Kathleen Jones
Noel Marcano and Kathleen Jones

PRSO: Nov. 13 and 15—in the pit for La Boheme at the UPR Theater.

PRSO: Nov. 8th –for the Moldau and Schubert’s Great (9th) Symphony. I bought a new Buffet C-clarinet;
It matched beautifully with our new principal oboist, Juilliard graduate Ivonne Perez.

October 2014:

Halloween 2014 in clarinet seminar!


PRSO: Oct. 11—Guillermo Figueroa (Guillermito) conducts Dvorak’s 3rd Symphony, the first time I had heard or played this beautiful work.

September 2014:

PRSO: Sept. 11, 12, and 13—We recorded a CD for Naxos of works by Roberto Sierra; one, Beyond the Silence of Sorrows, was later nominated for a Grammy; also included Symphony #3, the Salsa.

PRSO: Sept. 6—we open the 2014-15 subscription season with Night on Bald Mountain, Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto (Quint,) and Shostakovich #5, with Maximiano Valdes conducting.

August 2014:

PRSO: Aug. 23rd—Sierra’s 3rd Symphony (the Salsa) opens the Festival Interamericana.

July 2014:

CMPR: the Coro de Clarinetes del CMPR attends ClarinetFest in Baton Rouge, playing a program of works from Puerto Rico on July 31st, including the premiere of Guidobaldi’s Three-Minute Rag, written for the occasion. Here is the group, after serenading Bruce Marking and our other Buffet heroes near their exhibition booth.

ClarinetFest in Baton Rouge

Mariana won a clarinet in a Buffet raffle!! She is shown here with Francois Kloc.

Mariana and Francois Kloc
Mariana and Francois Kloc

And taking a quick campus tour—we even saw the REAL tiger!

Campus tour

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