Sonata Boricuotica, by Carlos Alberto Vazquez

The composer asked pianist Felix Rivera Guzmán and me to record this interesting work in October of 1996 for a 2-CD collection he put together for the Forum of Caribbean composers.

Other works in the set are by Carlos Cabrer, Roque Cordero, Ernesto Cordero, Orlando Jacinto Garcia, Jorge Luis Acevedo, Manuel Carcache, Gustavo Matamoros, Juan Blanco, Luis Manuel Alvarez, Alejandro Jose, Alfredo Rugeles, and German Caceres.

Felix and I presented the Sonata in the February 21st 2010 Casals Festival “Cameristas” concert. It is a nice piece, whose title reflects that a Boricua (Puerto Rican) wrote it for a Tica (Costa Rican clarinetist Yamileth Pérez). Here are a few samples of our recording; more information can be found on the composer’s website


Mistico Y Ceremonioso-Marcado

Adagio Tropical

Allegro Ritmico

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